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By The Team September 11, 2014

Women have an unbreakable bond with their purses. What happens, however, when they become mums? For one, they will have to go for diaper bags instead. So what are the essentials when shopping for nappy bags for new mums out there? The staff offers some suggestions:


● A detachable changing mat: makes it easier to find a suitable place to change your baby's nappy anywhere.
● Lots of pockets: for keeping things separate and easy-to-find.
● Lots of compartments: useful for keeping bottles separate or used nappies separate from clean clothes.
● An insulated bottle pocket: another useful feature for keeping bottles of milk or food cool.
● Accessories: some come with extras, such as a dirty nappy bag or a dummy holder. Find out what you get for your money.
● Mesh, see-through pockets or light interiors: help you spot the items you need from inside your bag more easily.
● Washable or wipe-clean lining: things can get messy inside the bag, as you can imagine, so you need to be able to clean it easily.


Bags with these qualities are extremely functional because they have all the right spots to put in their baby stuff, like the nappies (of course!), baby wipes, bottle feeding paraphernalia, and others. Still, mums don’t necessarily have to sacrifice their fashion sense when buying baby bags. Here is a guide to finding a stylish baby bag:


Diaper bags come in a wide range of types: backpack, handbag, and messenger or satchel style. Women who are used to bringing handbags when going to work or the mall can choose the same type if they’re comfortable with that. Those who feel they’ll be more comfortable with bags that have lengthier straps may go for satchel style instead.

Colour or design

In the past, diaper bags’ colours and designs mostly appealed to kids, typically bright or pastel with images of cute cartoons. However, times have changed, and now mums have more choices than ever. The bags don’t necessarily have to scream, “I’m carrying nappies!” Instead, these diaper bags now come in stylish neutral colours for equally stylish mums.


Ideally, mums should choose a nappy bag that complements their body shape. For instance, if they have a thin, straight figure, the bag that fits them is one with strong angles. If they are a bit on the curvy side, a bag with rounded edges works best.

Women will have to make adjustments when they become mums to accommodate their baby’s needs, and they can start with their bags. Fortunately, companies like Vanchi, whose clientele include Miranda Kerr, allow mums to stay fashionable. Who says women can’t have it all?

(Source: Buying a nappy bag,, November 2013)

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