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Vanchi Bags with Toddlers: the Sydney Satchel

By Sarah Van Bentum April 1, 2016

When I got my Vanchi nappy bag 2 years ago I chose to get a bag that would work for how imagined life would be with a newborn. As well astaking into account friends’ advice, I wanted a bag that I could use as a hand bag/uni bag/work bag in its next incarnation - after the first few months of my baby’s life. I did not anticipate that after 2 years that same bag would continue to be all that I needed - sure - a newborn, yes, but an energetic toddler, no way!

I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by how versatile my Sydney Satchel is; Thanks Vanchi! It suited life with a newborn, but I have appreciated it just as much, if not more so, as my son has gotten older. Previously my Sydney Satchel held things like bottles and purees, bibs and wraps and onsies, dummies, wipes, nappies, ointments, rattles, rugs, spare tops and as many face-washer cloths as I could cram in for any and every kind of spit or spill. Some of those things still get thrown in, but they’re all bigger now – nappies, bottles, bibs. But I’ve transitioned to a stage now where those sweet little baby items have been upgraded and replaced for more toddler friendly items.

Here’s how it works now and a snapshot of the life my Sydney Satchel is leading right now: I have replaced spare tops for me with spare shorts for my boy; rattles are out, dinosaurs are in; and rugs have been replaced by soccer balls and cars, because who sits still long enough to use a rug anymore?! I still need the wipes – oh so many wipes – and ointment and sunscreen and hats are a must. Now I always need to have with me a water bottle and a pile of fruit or rice crackers because, well, my toddler is ALWAYS starving. I love the internal side pockets of the Vanchi Sydney Satchel because they provide protection so the food doesn’t get squashed, and also can’t be seen easily when my toddler decides to help himself to snacks 2 minutes before he needs to sit and eat lunch. My little boy has the remarkable ability to find the only puddle on the path, or the too-easy-to-turn-on tap at the park, so for most of our days out now I just throw his swimmers in for good measure. And another pair of shoes.

A feature that I have loved about the Vanchi bags are the accessories that come with them. And while I used to use the wet pack for nappies, its long been our ‘wet swimmers and muddy/sandy shoes pack.’ Toddler items tend to be a lot bigger and more easily disorganized than baby items, probably because more often than not I now have a little packing helper! So, even though I try to pack the Sydney Satchel carefully, I need a bag that can cope with a certain level of ‘dump everything in it and run!’ My Vanchi bag is big enough, and has a wide enough base to fit everything in it, and it also is made of robust leather so that it stays standing open when I need to literally throw things into it.

Guest Post by Sara L

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