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Vanchi - Baby Bags, Pram Accessories, and More
Do you see your baby bag as a necessary but annoying pram accessory? If so, the Vanchi approach to nappy bags is about to change your life.

The Vanchi brand began in 2005 when founder Sarah van Bentum discovered she was pregnant with twins. As a mother of four blossoming children and a teacher, she came to the sudden realisation that the baby bag world was lacking something - nappy bags that were both functional and fashionable. Mothers who refused to compromise on either element were being left without a decent solution.

With a growing sense of exhilaration, Sarah decided to alter the leather baby bag world forever. While focusing on vegan leather, a more earth friendly and hard wearing material, she began designing and manufacturing her pieces under the name Vanchi.

After 10 years of her vision going from strength-to-strength, she teamed up with Eileen, the founder of Outlook. Today, alongside a gathering of other forward-thinking parents, Vanchi produces vegan baby bags, leather bags, and pram accessories that’ll revolutionise your outings as a parent.

While paying close attention to the key features that each bag requires, the design team at Vanchi stays up-to-date with the latest style trends. With each new fashion season that arises, they produce nappy bags and pram accessories that are forward-thinking and style-conscious.

Tips for choosing the perfect baby bag for your new arrival .
Whether you’re already a parent or you’re expecting the first addition to your new family, investing a little time in looking for the right baby bag is extremely worthwhile. Long gone are the days when all the bags in the market were lacking in style and designed only to sling over your pram. When you buy something from the Vanchi range, you can choose from:

Backpacks for busy parents
Pram caddies that help you stay organised
Holdalls that are perfect for throwing over your shoulder
Before releasing each of our designs, the team here at Vanchi considers the practicalities. From the number of pockets to the space we dedicate to each one, none of the Vanchi bag pieces are carelessly pulled together. Instead, they stem from the design ideas of busy parents who want to make a difference to your lifestyle.

Once you know which bag suits your needs, consider whether you’re looking for a genuine leather baby bag or if you want to head down the vegan route. At Vanchi, we cater to both crowds. No matter which one you choose, you’ll enjoy a head-turning design that is deceptively compact. While your bag will look discreet and fashionable from the outside, it’ll house everything a busy mother needs on the inside.

Finally, consider whether you need any pram accessories to complete the look. Each of our pram accessories is road-tested by our in-house baby: Iris. As a treasured member of the Vanchi team, she gives every pram liner and quilt a firm nod of approval before we release them as a part of our range.

Vegan leather baby bags with plenty of style
At Vanchi, we offer one of the largest selections of vegan leather baby bags in Australia. If you’re craving the stylish façade that comes with a leather baby bag, but you don’t like the idea of buying or wearing leather, rest assured that our designs will bring you close to the real thing. In the process of creating each bag, we persevere until we create a design that we’d feel happy wearing ourselves. The strength of perseverance is important to us throughout the design process, which means your vegan baby bags will complement your already-impeccable sense of style.

Pram accessories from a family-focused team
Creating pram accessories that are worth the money you pay for them requires a family-focused approach. This is something we have recognised since the start of Vanchi, but we’ve remained steadfast in ensuring you’re able to create a cosmopolitan look with every item you buy.

While our bag clips are sturdy, they’re also sleek. Every quilt cover embraces luxury, while fulfilling its primary function of keeping your little one snuggly and warm. Our selection of head huggers will boost your baby’s comfort, while still giving you the chance to add a statement piece to your collection. No matter which of our pram accessories you choose, you’ll feel proud to take them out of the house.

Nappy bags that don’t sacrifice style for practicality
If you dread using nappy bags that look tired and unappealing, look no further than Vanchi. While creating our bags, we consider whether we would feel happy wearing them even if we weren’t parents. If they don’t tick that particular box, we know they’re not quite fashionable enough. Until they do match the latest season’s style requirements, we’ll refuse to release them on our site.

When you buy one of our baby bags, you’re choosing an item that’ll make life extra convenient. Although we love making sure our designs look contemporary, we never forget that they’re here to make your life as a mother easier. Whether it’s the perfect pocket for storing everything you need for feeding while out and about or extra spaces for spare changes of clothes, you’ll find that staying organised as a parent is a breeze.

A mother-friendly vision that doesn’t compromise on style
Are you a mum who refuses to compromise? The Vanchi team celebrates your tireless dedication to both parenting and looking amazing. While a bag may seem like a small accessory to some, we know that the effort we pour into each one can have a significant impact. When your life becomes easier as a parent, you’ll instantly feel happier. If you’re able to retain your chic sense of identity in the process, then all the better! At Vanchi, we believe that both factors should become an achievable essential for our luxury-loving mums, not just a bonus.

Our baby accessories don’t compromise on style either
Much like our selection of genuine leather bags and vegan solutions, our baby accessories don’t compromise on style either. Although the Vanchi team is largely inspired by mums, we know you want your little one to enjoy a taste of our luxury range too. Why not start with one of our playmats? Their non-slip function means they are exceedingly safe, and comfortable enough to cradle that super soft skin all infants have.

If you want to take your sense of style to the next level, try one of our wipes cases and keep-safe boxes. Few experiences are more frustrating as a parent than being outside of the home and realising your trusty selection of wipes has dried out. Now, you can avoid baby wipe catastrophes with our sleek wipe cases that look just as elegant as your usual clutch. As for our keep-safe boxes, they can house anything from dummies through to muslin squares. With each item you buy, you’ll enjoy a fresh sense of convenience, plus you’ll make the task of being an organised mum that little bit easier.

Save money with our baby bags sale
Each time we update our collection of baby bags, we choose items to send to our virtual sales rack. This includes pram accessories and baby essentials, giving you the chance to get a taste of the Vanchi range for less. If you don’t see something you like today, keep checking back. We’re always adding to our on-sale stock and you could make big savings when you find that dream item.

Ordering from the Vanchi range of leather baby bags and vegan baby bags
So you’ve seen the perfect genuine leather baby bag for you (or a vegan one!) so what next? At Vanchi, we allow you to place pre-orders ahead of the next fashion season, you can choose from our sale selection, or you can buy one of the items that are bang on-trend right now.

When you buy your baby bag before midday, we’ll ship it on the same day. Our standard shipping option allows you to receive your purchase within three to five days, or you can speed things up with our next business day express delivery.

Do you live in New Zealand or elsewhere?
New Zealand-based, or living somewhere else outside of Oz? Don’t worry, because we ship outside internationally too! However, as all of our nappy bags are shipped from Australia, they’ll take a little longer to arrive.

If you live in New Zealand, you can order a leather or vegan baby bag and receive it within two-to-four business days. As for our other international customers, your delivery will arrive just as quickly. You’ll need to pay a slightly higher posting fee, but you’ll soon see that it’s worth it once you receive your bag.

As Vanchi continues to go from strength-to-strength, we’re always upping our game on the fashion front. With each new design, we consider whether it’ll complement your confident and sophisticated personality. For proof of how much our customers love our sense of style, head to our raves and reviews section. If you like what you see, we hope you’ll join the gathering of busy mums from around the world who own a Vanchi bag.

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  • It arrived! I am giddy with joy. My poor postman has never seen me like this, poor man! Its beautiful, thank you so much. Now i just need baby to come out so i can take it out and show it off. I love it, thank you soooo much!
    - Kate
  • Just received my new Vanchi Tuscan Bowler in tan yesterday and I am in LOVE! Such a great bag. Love all the compartments and its nice & big!
    - Jessica
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