VANCHI Personalisation


Whether it’s a well-deserved present for yourself, or a gift for another, it doesn’t get more personal than a one-of-a-kind bag.  Turn your VANCHI into a truly bespoke piece by adding gold or silver embossed initials, names, or special dates to your included Luggage Tag, or a Circle Keep Safe Dummy Saver or Leather Keyring Tassel.

Pricing - 
Personalise included Luggage Tag with up to 3 characters for just $9.95
Personalise included Luggage Tag with up to 4-8 characters for $19.95 or
Add a Personalised Luggage Tag for $19.95 (up to 3 characters), or $29.95 (4-8 characters)
Make your Circle Keep Safe Dummy Savers a little extra special for just $9.95
Personalise a Leather Keyring Tassel (up to 3 characters) for just $9.95
The best part - its so easy!
Simply choose from our collection of customisable products, and then get personalising.
Easy to follow instructions
Step 1 - Choose a product from the VANCHI Personalise Me collection and select either Yes (up to 3 characters) or Yes (4-8 characters) to the Personalisation option above the Add to cart button.
Step 2 - Enter the characters you would like to have embossed (please note - letters in the up to 3 characters option will be all uppercase)

Step 3 - Checkout

That's it - simple! 

To add a Heart emoji, simply place a * where you would like the heart. For example, T*S = T♥︎S, or TS* = TS

Create your own style 
Suggested Characters/Tips
Please take note of below when personalising your VANCHI - 
For the up to 3 characters option, letters will be all uppercase. 
For the 4-8 characters option, please ensure you type either capitals or lower case exactly as you wish for the embossing to appear.
Please note that the suggestions below are subject to the character length you choose - for the up to 3 characters option, you can only choose 3 characters (e.g. T.S or SAM) however the longer suggestions outlined below are available for the 4-8 character option.
  • You can choose to to either use 2 or 3 initials. You can either have a full-stop to separate the letters, or just the letters. We recommend using full-stops.
  • You can enter two lots of initials - eg R.Q & A.Q
  • Note - the more characters you choose, the smaller the font size will be printed. 

  • For up to 3 characters all letters will be uppercase (e.g. SAM)
  • For 4-8 characters you can use either all capitals, or a combination (e.g. ROSE, or Rose)


To add a Heart emoji, simply place a * where you would like the heart. For example:
• RQ* = RQ
• A*H = A♥︎H 
Please note, where you place the heart decides what style the heart will be. A heart between two letters will be one heart (#1 below), and a heart at the end will be two hearts (#2 below). If you would like something different, please leave a note with your order and we will do our best to accomodate your request.
Font Style

We have selected a classic style font to compliment your VANCHI Bag - Bell MT. This is available in upper & lower case letters (however only uppercase for the up to 4 characters option). The sizing of your font will depend on how many characters are chosen. 

FAQ's about VANCHI Personalisation

How much does it cost to personalise my VANCHI?

Pricing -
Luggage Tag - $9.95 - $19.95
Circle Dummy Keep Safe - $9.95
Leather Keyring Tassel -  $9.95

How many characters can I include?

For the up to 3 characters option, you can only use a maximum of 3 characters (including any symbols) and all letters will be uppercase.

For the 4-8 characters option, you can choose up to 8 characters (including any symbols) and these can be uppercase or lowercase so make sure you type it exactly as you would like your characters to appear as the selection box is case sensitive. Please also note that the more characters you include, the smaller the font size will be. If we believe that the characters you have selected will not work on the product, we will contact you.

Which products can I personalise?

Currently we are offering customisation on the Luggage Tag which is included with most bags, as well as available for seperate purchase in all colours, plus Circle Keep Safe Dummy Savers and Leather Keyring Tassels. To see all available products, head to our Personalise Me collectionWe are hoping to make this available across the full range as soon as possible. 

Which colour font can I choose from?

We offer Gold or Silver embossing.
The options available for each product are determined by the product’s hardware colour - Gold embossing for bags with Gold hardware, and Silver for bags with silver hardware.

Where will my personalisation be positioned on my product?

Our monogramming specialists will choose the best position for the characters you have chosen, to compliment your VANCHI product. 

How long will my special order take?

Customisation can add an additional 5-10 business days to shipping time, however we always try to ship things as quickly as possible. 

Caring for my VANCHI

Please refer to our FAQs page for care tips 

Can I return/exchange my personalised order?

Please refer to our Returns & Exchanges page for more information.