Giving Back

At VANCHI we take our social responsibility seriously. From the ethically sourced materials we use to make our products, to the way we contribute to our local and broader community. Here are some of the initiatives we support to give back in a real and meaningful way - every little bit counts. 

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From little things, big things grow

The scale and destruction of the Australian bushfires is hard to comprehend. 15 million acres of land has burned across the country, devastating the natural flora and fauna, leaving the daunting task of re-grouping and eventually, re-building.

Part of the re-building process is re-planting and re-greening the affected places. While Australian plants have evolved to embrace bushfires, there’s only so much drought and fire they can take. From the regeneration of natural bushland to the restoration of public parks and amenity gardens, this process plays an important part in helping these stricken communities to recover.

The fires have had a strong impact on the Australian psyche, with the population donating unprecedented amounts in an attempt to show their support to those affected. At VANCHI, we wanted to help in a real and meaningful way, and as a small family business we felt we could best do this by participating in the One Tree Planted initiative.

We have committed to purchasing at least one tree for every VANCHI Nappy Bag purchased.If you'd like to get all the good feels knowing you’re helping to restore the bushland that makes our country so special, simply choose your favourite VANCHI from our collection of baby bags, and you can then request a personalized tree certificate in recognition of your donation - just send us an email and we will arrange your certificate.

One tree planted can also send you updates on their Australian project, so you can track the impact your trees are having on the community and environment. 

Every little bit counts so let’s show our support – Australia’s native vegetation needs our help! 

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CanTeen has been supporting young Australians 12 – 25 living with cancer for over 30 years. They support young people who are dealing with their own, a parent or a sibling’s diagnosis, or have lost a loved one to cancer. They rely on donations to provide free counselling services, life changing peer support and specialised services for these young Australians.

Close to our hearts, we have been supporting CanTeen with monthly donations for over 20 years. Find out about CanTeen.