4 Reasons Why We Use Premium Vegan Leather

We often get asked why we choose to craft our baby bags with Premium Vegan Leather instead of Genuine Leather – and there are quite a few reasons why, aside from the obvious main one that it is animal cruelty free and more environmentally friendly. To help you make an informed decision when purchasing your baby bag, we have highlighted four of the lesser known reasons below.


The main reason that we use Premium Vegan Leather is simply for weight. We know how quickly a baby bag can get quite heavy with all of the bits and bobs that are needed, so we wanted to make our bags as light as possible so that you’re not starting off with a heavy, empty bag. This is especially important for our Carryalls and Holdalls – they are (proudly!) some of the biggest baby bags on the market, and would be simply just too heavy if we made them out of Genuine Leather. 


Premium Vegan Leather doesn’t absorb water (unlike Genuine Leather), which makes it wipeable and much easier to clean, which is a no brainer when you’ve got kids. Unexpected spills or accidents can happen at any moment, so having a material that is easy to clean is essential.


Another benefit of crafting our bags out of Premium Vegan Leather is that it can be made into a variety of colour and styles, giving us a bit more freedom with our designs. It also allows us to keep the colours very consistent across different products with less variation than Genuine Leather to make sure that they all match. No one wants a pram caddy and baby bag that are different shades of tan!


Finally, the last reason is in the name. Creating our baby bags from Premium Vegan Leather means that they can be enjoyed and used by everyone. We know quite a few vegan Mamas and wanted to make sure that they could enjoy our baby bags with peace of mind as well.


Not all faux leather is made equal, but you can rest assured that the Premium Vegan Leather that we craft our baby bags from is top quality, soft, and durable. In fact, it looks and feels very similar to real leather. This is why we offer the Love-At-First-Touch Guarantee – although some people can be hesitant about purchasing Vegan Leather, we know that once they have our bags in their hands they will absolutely love them (or their money back!).

We do make some of our smaller Mama bags in Genuine Leather (such as our Everyday Crossbody Bag), as these bags are not big bags and weight is not an issue. However, we also offer these in a Premium Vegan Leather as well so that they are still accessible for everyone.

We believe that using Premium Vegan Leather rather than Genuine Leather is one of the reasons our baby bags are the best on the market, and we hope that this helps you understand why we craft them out of this material.