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Amelia Convertible VS the VANCHI Original 

With the release of our new convertible pram caddy, the Amelia, we’ve had many Mamas ask us about the differences between this new caddy and our original Pram Caddy. To help you make the best decision, we have outlined some of the key differences below! 


The new Amelia convertible is slightly larger than the original pram caddy (approximately 25% larger), which provides more room for when you want to use her as a shoulder bag. However, both bags have plenty of room and storage for all of bubs (and your!) things. We have made a comparison graphic below with their dimensions to help you compare the size. 

Pram Caddy Size Comparison


In terms of pockets, both bags don’t differ too much and have plenty of pockets to keep everything organised whilst on the go. Internally, they both contain 5x elasticated pockets, with the Amelia featuring just one extra internal zippered pocket. On the outside, Amelia features 2 slip pockets on the front and one large zippered pocket on the back, whilst the original pram caddy has a large slip pocket on the front with a small zip pocket, and one large slip pocket with stud closure on the back. 


Ultimately, one of the largest factors when it comes to choosing whether the Amelia or Original Pram Caddy is right for you is the style. The Original Pram Caddy has a more minimal style, whereas the Amelia features a bit more bling with her front panelling and handle. We also love that you can tie a scarf around the Amelia’s handle to really make her your own! 


The Amelia was intentionally designed to be used interchangeably as both a pram caddy and shoulder bag, and comes with an included shoulder strap for this purpose. However, the Original Pram Caddy can also be used as a shoulder bag. Although it does not come with a shoulder strap, you can purchase the matching strap alone or in a bundle. 

We hope this info gives you a better idea of which pram caddy is right for you! We’re sure you’ll love whichever one you end up choosing.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@vanchi.com.au or call 03 9738 7710 and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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