Backpack VS Shoulder Baby Bags

Don't worry Mama! We heard your cries of confusion over which style of baby bag to get and we've all been there too. To backpack or shoulder bag... that is the question. There are soooo many forums out there debating which is best, and really, it comes down to so many different factors.

We’ve highlighted some of our pros for each style below, to help you make the best choice for your lifestyle.

Backpack pros

One of the main pros of the backpack style baby bag is of course, their hands-free nature – perfect for when you have your hands full with bub or a cheeky toddler. Backpacks are also ideal if you’re out and about adventuring or travelling a lot, with plenty of storage for everything you need.

Another reason we love backpacks is because they are super comfortable. Baby bags can get quite heavy (seriously, how much stuff does a tiny human need?) and having both shoulders supporting that weight instead of one can be a bit more comfortable.

It is also worth considering who will be wearing the baby bag - our Manhattan Backpack is quite gender neutral, and plenty of Dads love wearing it as well (win win!).

Handbag pros

If you’re a handbag lover and not a huge fan of backpacks, then a shoulder bag is for you! A bit more dressy than the casual backpack, shoulder bags often offer a little bit more style. Your baby bag will probably become your go-to even when bub isn’t with you, so you’ll want to choose one that you actually want to wear! Our Steffi Carryall is so stylish people often don’t realise that she even is a baby bag.

But never fear, with a VANCHI baby bag you won’t have to compromise on function, either. Our shoulder bags are packed with tons of pockets and plenty of room for all the little bits and bobs you need for both yourself and bub when heading out.

In terms of comfort, to give your shoulder a rest our shoulder bags come with a long strap that can transform your bag into a crossbody bag, or be hung from the handlebars of your pram. Or, you can add a pair of pram clips for the ultimate in convenience.

In conclusion... 

If you’re still not sure which style to go with, the good news is (drumroll please) that we have a convertible baby bag that is not only super stylish, but easily converts from backpack to tote and back again, so you can have the best of both worlds. The Billie is perfect to help you ace #mumlife in style, from backpack one day to shoulder bag the next.

In the end, the best baby bag is the one that works for you. A lot of Mamas end up getting both shoulder and backpack baby bags as they are both pretty great for different occasions.

Our baby bags have also been designed to become the perfect work or travel bags once no longer needed for bub so that they won’t just be collecting dust at the back of a cupboard when they are no longer needed.