Choosing the right baby bag for you

Shopping for you and baby is an exciting time, but now more than ever we are spoilt for choice when it comes to baby/mumma products. By now you are sure to have been given countless recommendations, and you have spent many a late night pouring over Instagram in the hope that the perfect Nappy Bag will jump out at you. But, Oh, the choices. Have you gone cross-eyed looking yet? 

With over twelve children between us here at Vanchi Nappy Bags, we know a thing or two about what to look for in a Baby Bag, and we are here to help you with some impartial, experience-based advice. 

So – what are some of the things you will want to consider?  

  1. Price – It’s unfortunate, BUT this is probably the first consideration people have when starting to refine their Nappy Bag wish list. We say, stick within your budget, but your nappy bag will be with you for a long while so it can be worthwhile investing in a reputable brand. There is a huge market for baby bags, and there is sure to be a beautiful bag within your price range – so there should be no pressure to over-spend. Shop around too – you can often find great flash deals online if you know exactly what you are after! Don’t forget to follow your favourite brands on Social Media and sign up to newsletters, because this is where the promotions and sales are regularly announced! 

  2. Colour - This is important as the bag will literally go with you everywhere for at least the first year. Will a bright seasonal bag suit your look year-round? Will Dad want to carry a Floral masterpiece around for you when you have your hands full? We love the versatility of classic colours like Tan, Caramel, Black, Nude and Blush. Don’t forget to consider the colour of your pram too – as your Nappy Bag is likely to be in one of three locations at all times – on your arm, your pram, or in your car. 

  3. Size – You might be a minimalist, but unfortunately your baby didn’t get the memo! Underestimating the amount of “stuff” you’ll want to have on hand is probably the biggest mistake people can make when selecting a cute undersized tote in place of a conventional baby bag. Ending up in a ‘it won’t fit, just put it in a plastic bag” situation is far from ideal. Do however think about what is going to be practical for you. If you only head out for very short periods of time, then perhaps a more petite baby bag will suffice, but if you plan on having days out at the Zoo, meals out etc with bubs – then you might want size on your side. 

  4. Comfort – It’s great to be able to try on your shortlisted Nappy Bags to see which feels the most comfortable when carried on your shoulder. Nappy Bags aren’t always stuck down the bottom of a pram, so comfort is important to keep in mind. Quality Baby Bags with standout features like waterproof lining, and lots of storage compartments unfortunately can be a little heavier than a more basic option, so it is important for you to think about what is going to make your life easier when out-and-about. Being organised and having a place for everything is a blessing in our experience. 

    Thick, long adjustable shoulder straps that are stitched not glued are preferable as they distribute the weight of the bag better, and are more comfortable. They also wont fray like some other straps which can be very frustrating as it can be difficult to find a replacement strap that will match. 

  5. Durability – Have you purchased a cheapy Nappy Bag for baby one thinking “that’ll do” and after one too many tosses into the boot of your car, or accidental catching’s under the pram wheel it is looking like something the cat dragged in? We are pretty sure that you can probably relate. 

    A baby bag that can withstand even the most torturous of adventures is what you want – especially if you are buying for baby number one, and plan to use it for multiple children. The beauty of choosing a quality Nappy Bag is that even when your children outgrow the need for it (on average a child is toilet trained by 2.5 years old) you can continue to use your once baby bag for swimming lessons, travelling, or overnighters. This takes us back to picking a classic colour/design that will stand the test of time! 

  1. Accessories – Most Nappy Bags come with a complimentary accessories kit these days which is fantastic because they can be really useful – just make sure that the accessories kit actually includes things that you think you will get plenty of use out of, and you are satisfied with the quality of it – Look for things like quality padding in your change mat, waterproof lining, and little extras like an adjustable pram strap and any signature bonus items the brand may include – otherwise your accessories kit will just sit at the bottom of your cupboard, unused. Inferior brands can sometimes offer lesser quality accessories that may leave you a little underwhelmed.  

  2. Functionality – Are you a pockets mumma, or a big open space mumma? Think about how you are most likely to pack your baby bag and go with your gut (pardon the pun) on what sort of functionality will work best for you. Some people swear by lots of pockets and compartments, and some prefer a more simple single large space with just a few pockets for separating specific items. 

    Neither is better or worse, but it is something to think about. If you are looking for something with compartments and pockets, be sure to look at the size and ease of access. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to fit your hand into way too small pockets to find the sudocream when you are battling a diaper explosion and nappy rash with your other hand! 

  3. Style – This is the question that no one can answer for you – style, like you, is unique. Take your time, and enjoy the process of taking way too many screenshots before settling on the right bag, for you.