Gift ideas for Parents, Carers & Young Families

Practical Christmas Gifts for families

Christmas is on the horizon - and we all know it can be an expensive time of year. With the added costs of traveling and socializing, gifting sounds even more daunting. While gifting is not what Christmas is about, the giving of presents at Christmas is still a long and widespread tradition - sometimes an inexpensive token or symbolic gift is often all that is needed to send a nice message of affection or gratitude. 

If you're shopping for parents, parents to be, carers and young families this year then why not give a gift that will be well used and appreciated. We know that a vase or aesthetically pleasing book would look gorgeous on the coffee table however going for something that'll get a little more day to day use is the way to go. Read on to discover some great practical and personal favorites.

1. Outlook Baby Linen Play Mats

Best practical Christmas gifts for parents - Outlook Play Mat

Ideal for the toy corner at home or for travel out and about for a clean surface for eating, drinking and playing. The waterproof backing makes them ideal for both inside and outside - plus they're machine washable! Stay on trend with these cute and practical play mats.

2. VANCHI Pram Caddy

Best practical Christmas gifts for parents - VANCHI Pram Caddy

Vanchi’s Pram caddies offer stylish convenience. A practical accessory for any family pram to keep regularly needed personal items on hand. The Original Caddy VS the Amelia - the Original is the smaller, more compact of the two but offers enough space for your items with carefully curated pockets and compartments for organization. The Amelia is slightly larger with again, great pockets and compartments and it comes with a handy shoulder strap to convert into a handbag. Both are available in black or tan.

3. Natural Makeup

Best practical Christmas gifts for parents - Natural Makeup

Know they're into beauty but still want practicality? Did you know when it comes to makeup there is an expiration date with all products? Mascara is one that turns over faster than most - ideally they should be replaced every 6 months. There is no easier and safer makeup gift than a clean natural black mascara that will suit anyone. Replace it for her, so she doesn't need to. My top pick is one that is vegan, clean, green, cruelty and toxic free - Australian Made by Kylie’s Professional - Mineral Goddess Mascara.  It’s even perfect for the most sensitive eyes.

4. Straw Water Bottles

Best practical Christmas gifts for parents - Straw Water Bottles

Help remind busy parents to stay hydrated and get adequate water intake. Being a parent, carer or grandparent can mean being on the go 24/7 keeping little ones healthy, happy and entertained. A straw water bottle is a convenient hands free hydration reminder they can fill and sit out on the bench each morning.

5. Dinnerware Sets

Best practical Christmas gifts for parents - Dinnerware Sets

Hatched collectives cute and eco friendly dinnerware for the little ones. Know someone who’s about to embark on the journey of solids? Help parents be prepared for this time with a silicone bib, plate, feeding set or some cutlery.

6. Selfcare Tools

Her Earth Medicine ShoniShin Tools. Something a little different you may not have heard of before that is great for strengthening the immune system, unsettled tummies, aiding restful sleep and overall health and well-being for children. A non-invasive Japanese acupuncture. With these tools and Sandi Ross’s guided tutorials, you have an easy at home relaxing one on one treat parents can do for their baby’s & young children.

7. Dummy Keep Safe

Best practical Christmas gifts for parents - Dummy Keep Safe

Vanchi’s Dummy Keep safes are the perfect gift or stocking filler. Ideal for dummies and small teethers to keep sterile or even for small adult items such as headphones. No more digging around the bottom of your bag after small easily misplaced items. Vanchi also have a variety of gift sets available live on their site now, perfect for the extra special someone this Christmas.

8. Cute Bedding

An extra set of adorable bedding is perfect for those unexpected accidents. Whether that be for nappy explosions or toilet training toddler/young children it can be really helpful to have backup.

9. Hand Soap

A nice natural organic hand soap. Something that will definitely get used and safe for all ages to beat germs and keep up good hygiene. With so many brands to choose from it can be a little overwhelming - I recommend checking out Australia’s leading clean beauty retailer Clean Beauty Market, online or in store on the Gold Coast for a variety of natural options.

10. Family Friendly Sunscreen

Best practical Christmas gifts for parents - Family Friendly Sunscreen

If you know they love the outdoors, help them beat sunburn this summer with safe family friendly sunscreen. Being all natural, clean, vegan it's also safe for babies of all ages - Edible beauty’s Basking Beauty Sunscreen.

11. Skincare

Best practical Christmas gifts for parents - Skincare

Something for the skin. Mum and dad need some tlc, too! If you know they are into loving the skin they are in, treat them to the not so ‘day to day practical gift idea’ but something they'll love to do weekly. Sabbiaco Charcoal Adaptogen Mask is a clean, green, eco-environmentally friendly and natural at home face mask which will help nourish, reset and unwind busy parents.


I hope I have sparked your interest in buying something more useful this year with different types of practical gift suggestions to spoil parents, grandparents, carers and young families. Lastly I would like to wish you a safe, healthy, happy and loved filled Christmas and New Year - See you all in 2023!


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