Must-Haves for your Babies Nappy Bag

Must haves for your babies nappy bag

Preparation is key when you're trying to head out the door and have little ones relying on you, and forgetting to have some of the simplest things can quickly take an outing from calm to chaos. I find that planning ahead and pre-packing what you might need the night before or when you get a quiet moment can save you precious time in the morning - especially when things get hectic before heading out. Here’s a simple checklist you can refer to when you’ve got baby-brain and need a friendly reminder:

1. Change of clothing and bib

A change of clothing is vital, because you never know when your baby might have a nappy explosion, throw up or messy feed. Even add (depending on the season and weather) an extra layer incase baby gets cold. Bibs are great to have handy for feeds, and to wipe any mess afterwards

2. Teether or Numbing Gel

The pesky teething stage can come on at any time, and although it’s usually four months and over, every baby is different. It helps to keep a teether and or gel on hand for ‘just incase’. A teether is great to bite on but also for them to be able to play with.

3. Toy or Book

A small toy or book can be a great companion for your little one to keep them occupied. Especially if you're out running errands, doing groceries, at appointments or something that might not be so interesting or fun for them.

4. Toddler; Snacks + Water Bottle OR Baby; Formula & Bottle/s (if not breastfeeding)

Depending on the age of your little one (toddler or baby) you want to pack some snacks and water or formula and bottle/s. Depending on the duration of time that will be spent out, possibly even lunch for a toddler.  You're best to be ready for snack/lunch time or that 3 hourly feed to avoid hungry bellies.

5. Nappy, Wipes, Nappy Bags and Change Mat

These four are essential and the obvious go to, to pack. Just don’t forget to reload your bag to avoid being caught out!  Depending on how long you're out, give or take three nappies and bags, one pack of wipes and your reusable mat that comes with most VANCHI Baby Bags.

6. Hand Sanitiser

Ideal for the pre and post nappy changes and before feeding to make sure you're keeping things hygienic when out and about.

7. Dummies 

If you use a dummy, don't forget this too! This might just be what's needed to help settle and soothe your little one. Our Keep Safes are perfect for keeping your little one's dummy easy to find at all times.

Above are great must-haves to remember when packing your nappy bag, but this is a very basic guide, so don't forget anything that might be extra special for your family. Once bubs are organised and ready to go, don't forget the essentials for yourself: wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses and a water bottle too! The VANCHI Manhattan or Billie Convertible are perfect, spacious and lightweight options to fit all the necessities for a day's stress free adventures. 


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