My top 5 Baby Purchases

Baby Basics - my top five baby purchases

When you're welcoming your new bundle of joy into the world, there are a few things you're going to need. I am going to share some of my must-have baby essentials - if you're trying to keep your shopping list to a minimum, then this blog might help give you an idea of some of the basics you’ll need. 

1. Bassinet/Cot and Swaddles.

Having somewhere for your baby to sleep would be one of the most important purchases you'll make, because babies need to sleep a lot. It's their job to sleep, feed and grow. You'll decide if you prefer a bassinet in your room or go straight for a cot in your nursery. I did both, as I wanted to have my babies sleep beside me while they were really little. It’s also very convenient for night feeds and nappy changes, so you don't have to get out of bed! Then with sleep time comes swaddling. This is a very important step to help babies get a good night's sleep. Swaddling holds them tight, keeps them warm and helps reproduce the feeling of being in your womb. To them, that feels like their ‘safe place’ they have known for the past nine months.


2. Onesies

Onesies and in particular, one with a two-way zip is the way to go. I found this style the most convenient for nappy changes at night or on the go, especially during cooler months. They keep bubs top half warm, because  you don't have to completely unzip them. I found many brands are doing this style now. For good, inexpensive options: bonds, target, big w, and kmart will have you sorted for choice. I wish I knew this two years ago as I bought too many onesies with buttons, and this was not ideal during the night.

    3. Natural Nappies, Wipes and Creams

    Natural and safe products are something I am really passionate about in my home, especially when it comes to my babies. For years, I have used Luv Me pandas nappies and bamboo wipes. These products are toxic free, natural, and eco-friendly. So perfect for sensitive skin types and biodegradable for the environment. The only thing with these is it can get quite expensive, so I say, take advantage of any subscribe and save deals to help lower the cost! Another great natural product I can't live without for my little ones is Four Cow Farms natural calendula and tea tree creams. The perfect all-rounder and non-toxic barrier creams for nappy rashes, dry skin, scratches, cuts, bruises and bites. Again, it's not cheap, but I found a small amount of product goes a long way and is definitely worth the cost.

      4. A pram and pram caddy

      Definitely if you like to go on walks, you'll need some new wheels in the form of a pram. Make sure you opt for a pram insert to securely hold your newborn or a bassinet seat. It can be a more money savvy option to get a pram seat with a removable newborn insert  because they will outgrow the bassinet within a few months. To add to those new wheels, I highly recommend a pram caddy to keep all the essentials close, organized and ready to go. I find my pram caddy super convenient and this really is key when out and about with a baby/babies. I personally have the multipurpose Ameila Caddy - it can be attached to any pram you get. Its multipurpose style also allows you to convert it into a shoulder bag so you can use it long after you've finished with your pram.

        best pram caddy

        5. A bouncer

        Now having two, this is such a vital item in my home. If I need two hands, it’s nice for my baby to be able to sit up and check out the action going on at home. There are a few choices you can buy, manual or electric. Originally I had a manual one but now I've swapped and prefer the battery operated style because it keeps bouncing, plays music and has a bar for toys to hang. The only downside with the battery style is that you will go through quite a lot of them. Rechargeable batteries are a bonus.

          I hope this has helped give you an idea for a few things you should put on your ‘to buy list’. There are definitely other bits and pieces you'll need or want to get, such as a car seat, change mat, blankets, cute cuddly toys, formula and bottles (if you're unable or choosing not to breastfeed) but as long as you have everything for transport, feeding, sleeping, clothing and nappy changing, you should be good to go!


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