Newborn Baby Checklist

newborn baby and mum holding hand

Preparing for the arrival of your newborn baby is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. To help ease your stress and ensure you have everything you need, we've compiled a comprehensive checklist of essential items for your little one. From feeding and nappies to clothing and nursery essentials, this guide will cover all the must-haves for your newborn.

Feeding Essentials

When it comes to feeding your baby, a few essential items are crucial. If you plan to breastfeed, invest in a high-quality breast pump. Bottles and teats, along with a bottle steriliser and brush, are essential for bottle-feeding. Don't forget muslin cloths, nursing bras and pads, and a comfortable nursing pillow to make feeding time a breeze.

Nappy Essentials

Nappies, whether disposable or cloth, are a must-have for any newborn. Stock up on an ample supply and make sure to choose a nappy bag that can  carry all the essentials. Wipes, nappy rash cream, and a changing mat are also essential for nappy changes. A nappy bin and nappy bag dispenser can help with odour control and on-the-go disposal.


Your newborn will need a wardrobe that's comfortable and practical. Invest in a collection of onesies, sleepwear, socks, and hats. We know all the cute clothes are tempting, but don’t forget to keep practicality in mind, too. It’s also a good idea to have an assortment of bibs to keep your baby's clothes clean during feeding times.

Sleeping Essentials

Creating a safe and comfortable sleeping environment is crucial for your newborn's well-being. A cot or bassinet with a firm mattress and fitted sheets are essential. Waterproof mattress protectors help guard against accidents, while a blanket or swaddle keeps your baby cosy. Ensure the bedding is age-appropriate and follows safety guidelines to prevent any hazards.

Bathing Essentials

Bathing your newborn can be a special bonding time. Invest in a baby bathtub or a sink insert to ensure their safety. Use gentle baby soap and shampoo, soft washcloths, and hooded towels to keep your newborn baby clean and comfortable. A baby moisturiser and a brush or comb are also handy for post-bath care.

Health and Safety

Your baby's health and safety should always be a top priority. An infant car seat is essential for travel, while a baby monitor helps you keep a close eye on your little one. A reliable thermometer, nasal aspirator, and a well-stocked first aid kit are essential for handling common ailments. Ensure you use baby-friendly laundry detergent and have a baby-safe sunscreen for outdoor adventures.

Nursery Essentials

Creating a nurturing and functional nursery space is important. A changing table or dresser with a changing mat provides a dedicated space for nappy changes. A comfortable rocking chair or glider is a great addition for feeding and soothing your baby. Blockout curtains or blinds help create a sleep-friendly environment, and a baby monitor keeps you connected even when you're not in the room.

On-the-Go Essentials

Being prepared while on the go is essential for new parents. Invest in a reliable pram and consider a baby carrier or sling for hands-free mobility. A well-stocked nappy bag should contain nappies, wipes, a portable changing mat, a nursing cover for privacy if breastfeeding, and dummies. If you are looking for reliable baby bags, check out VANCHI’s range of Baby Bags. They offer a wide selection of baby bags that are stylish with heaps of practical features and perfect for parents on the go.

Entertainment and Comfort

As your baby grows, providing stimulation and comfort becomes crucial. A baby swing or bouncer can provide soothing motions, while a play mat or activity gym aids in their development. Baby books, soft toys, and a white noise machine or sound soothers can help create a calming and entertaining environment. Don't forget a music player or mobile for soothing melodies. A portable playmat is also a great idea to provide a safe, comfy environment to keep them entertained when not at home. Outlook Baby offers a great range of linen and jersey play mats that come with convenient shoulder straps for when you’re on the go.

Preparing for the arrival of your newborn baby can be daunting, so hopefully this comprehensive checklist lightens the load when thinking about what you need for this exciting new period of life. Remember, every babies needs are unique, so adjust your checklist based on your specific needs and preferences. With these essentials, you'll be ready to welcome your little one with open arms.