Baby Bag Checklist for First-Time Parents

The ultimate baby bag checklist

Becoming a parent for the first time can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. With so many things to remember and prepare for, packing a baby bag for outings can feel like a daunting task. But don't worry! We've got you covered with this comprehensive baby bag checklist for first-time parents.

  1. Nappies and Wipes: This one is a no-brainer. Make sure you pack enough nappies for the length of your outing, plus a few extra (you can never be too safe!). You'll also want to bring along a pack of wipes to keep your baby clean and fresh.

  2. Changing Mat: A portable changing mat is a must-have item for any baby bag. It provides a clean and hygienic surface for changing your baby's nappies on the go.

  3. Extra Clothes: Babies can be unpredictable, so it's always a good idea to pack extra clothes - you never know when you might need them. Having spare clothes already packed in packing pouches makes them easy to grab and pop in your baby bag.

  4. Burp Cloths: These come in handy for messy feedings and spit-ups. Make sure to pack a few in your baby bag.

  5. Dummy: If your baby uses a dummy, don't forget to pack a spare or two in your bag. Keep them clean and on hand in a Dummy Keep Safe.

  6. Bottle and Formula (if needed): If your baby is formula-fed, make sure to pack enough formula for the length of your outing, as well as a bottle for feeding. Don't forget to pack a water bottle for yourself as well!

  7. Snacks: Whether it's for you or your baby, snacks are always a good idea. Pack a few of your favorite snacks to munch on while you're out and about.

  8. Blanket: A soft and cozy blanket is perfect for keeping your baby warm and comfortable while you're out.

  9. Sunscreen and Hat: If you're going to be spending time outside, make sure to pack sunscreen and a hat to protect your baby's delicate skin.

  10. Toys and Teethers: Babies love to play and explore, so pack a few of their favorite toys and teethers to keep them entertained on the go.

This ultimate baby bag checklist is a great starting point for first-time parents, but it's important to remember that every baby is different. Make sure to pack what works best for you and your little one, and don't be afraid to adjust this list as needed. VANCHI has a great range of baby bags to suit every parent, whether you're a first timer or growing your brood. Check out the full range here.

Happy parenting and happy travels!