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I received so many great positive comments to my ‘hospital bag guide’ blog that after the birth of baby number two, I wanted to provide a bit of an update and to share some additional bag packing info. After the first birth, I thought I had the perfect minimal essentials list of what to pack in your hospital bag for labour and birth. Now, after the second, I’ve refined it even more. Read on for what I ACTUALLY used the second time around.


No need for 2-3 outfits for sleep, day and going home. Keep it simple, and opt for one clean comfy dark coloured clothing set for after birth, and of course under garments. Something versatile you can sleep in, lounge in and wear on your way home, because there's no fashion show and you're only going in the car.


A convenient straw-style water bottle is definitely still a must during labor but only pack a snack or two. I overestimated snacks and ended up taking many home! Keep in mind, if your labour drags out, most hospitals will have some reasonable if not spectacular food options available. Lots of snacks are not super essential, unless you want lots of specifics (or have food allergies and dietary requirements that must be followed).


Only basic toiletries are needed. Ditch the 5 step skincare regime, body moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner. All you need is a hydrating face spray ( refreshing during labour) face oil, lip balm, soap, hair brush, toothbrush and paste. Your luxe skin and hair care regime will not be your priority when you've just given birth, welcoming your baby and soaking in cuddles will. Your postpartum care too - maternity pads, nipple cream and pads are all super important, make sure you take a handful of each. 

Birth Tools

Pack any helpful birth tools you prepared or desire to assist your pain management during labour, and thing for your room to make your birth special. Such as; music, battery powered candles, essential oils, massage oils, reflexology combs, tens machines, heat packs etc.  

Other essentials

Lastly, don't forget your hospital paperwork/book, personal items, phone and charger. Your paperwork will be required to admit you when you enter the hospital. Take items personal to you from your wallet/ID to any specific medication/vitamins you need. If you are going to capture lots of videos and photos of your baby, include your phone charger! I know we all say we won't be that person with a thousand photos in your camera roll, but let’s be honest, it happens…

To recap, here’s a revised version of my essentials list of what I ACTUALLY used:

For the Birthing Mother

  • 1x spare clothing option & under garments
    - something dark, comfy you can sleep in, lounge in and go home in
  • Straw water bottle ( perfect hands free option for labor )
  • Only a couple shelf stable snacks ( anything you want or dietary specifics  )
  • Basic toiletries bag; soap, toothbrush/paste, hairbrush, facial spray, oil, and lip balm.
  • Postpartum care; Nipple cream and a handful of maternity and breast pads
  • Personal items; wallet/ID, hospital book/paperwork, medications/vitamins, phone and charger
  • Helpful birth tools for pain management and mood, such as music, battery powered candles, essential oils, massage oils, reflexology combs, tens machines, heat packs etc (anything you desire) 

For Your Baby

  • Announcement name card and outfit
  • Natural nappies, wipes and barrier cream
  • 2-3 clothing options (onesies) and extra layers; singlets, socks, beanies
  • 1x throw/swaddle/blanket - if you choose, the hospital will have some also
  • Birthing toy/gift if you desire
  • Have your car seat ready and properly installed

For Support Person/Partner

  • One comfortable clothing and swimwear (if water birth is an option or desired)
  • Water bottle and snacks
  • Basic toiletries
  • Any tech; phone, iPads, chargers

Regarding bag choice, I really love my VANCHI's. I loved taking my Steffi 2-zip for myself and the Emmy for bubs items. I found them really spacious, easy to find things and kept all my items organized. For dad I recommended the Manhattan, which is still a good option but VANCHI's recently released Frankie backpack is my new recommendation as it is a little larger and would be a more suitable choice for dad or baby.

I hope this updated version of what I actually used helps eliminate unwanted baggage, reminds you to keep it simple and not overpack. Congratulations and good luck for your labour and birth!


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