What to look for when choosing a Baby Bag

How to choose a nappy bag

With having a baby comes the exciting purchase for a bag-lover of a very special bag. Personally, I was super excited to add such an important bag to my collection. However, you don't want to rush your decision - it is important to choose the right bag for you and your lifestyle, because this will become your baby bag/handbag all in one, for a few years at least! I'll give you some ideas on what to consider and look out for before making your purchase. 

1. Weight, Durability and Comfort

When leaving the house, it’s always better to be over-prepared than under prepared and packing all the bits and pieces can get heavy.  You want something that can withstand a lot of weight, but doesn't weigh a ton to begin with. The VANCHI baby bag range is made from vegan leather, which means the bags are super strong but still lightweight, and with less weight comes comfort. More often than not, because you need to keep your hands free you'll be wearing your bag so you might want to opt for comfortable padded straps.  If you're after padded straps for extra comfort, check out the Frankie Everyday Backpack.

2. Easy to clean

First you’ll have a baby, with the associated minor mishaps and spills. Next comes the toddler, where things can get very messy, very quickly. Everywhere and anywhere! VANCHI baby bags are super easy to clean thanks to the vegan leather that the bags are made from. A simple wipe over and voila, good as new!

3. Pockets and Compartments

Being organized is one of the most helpful things when you're on the go with small children. Pockets and compartments help make this happen. You can keep all the little odds and ends tucked aside, separate and easy to find. The Emmy Backpack has three main compartments which keeps everything organized and within reach on a day out - no digging around in the bottom of your bag for that elusive dummy.

4. Size and Style

You want your baby bag to be spacious on the inside but not too large and bulky on the outside. Sleek but spacious is a rare combination but VANCHI has accomplished this with their bags - they don't even look like baby bags! They have multiple styles for you to choose from - backpack, convertible or shoulder bag, and different sizes too... Find the right size and style for you here.


    Personally I wish my pre-baby self had read this advice two years ago. It took me three goes to finally be happy with my baby bag. I really hope to help you get it right the first time and this list has given you a few things to consider before jumping in to make your purchase.


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