Your Hospital Bag Checklist

Well, you’ve done the fun part (we hope), now you are probably in planning mode! It is such an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming time with so many things to tick off your list.

Tuscan Bowler Nappy Bag

There are a number of must have items expectant mummas start researching the minute that positive pregnancy test is in their hand. Cots, Prams, Car Seats, Cute Outfits, and of course, a Nappy Bag.

So you have picked your Nappy Bag – you’ve excitedly picked it out at your favourite baby store, or received a very exiting parcel from the postie… and now it is sitting in the beautifully decorated nursery that you walk past admiring multiple times a day, just waiting for the big moment it gets to go to hospital with you.

We get LOTS of feedback from our customers, and our design team have workshopped all the possible contents of a nappy bag, so we can give you a bag that really does have a place for everything, and everything in its place.

But what are the most recommended must have Hospital Bag items?

  • Snacks! The first part of the hospital visit can often be the longest – so snack whilst you feel like it!
  • Comfortable clothing – loose t-shirts, skirts dresses etc
  • Comfortable dressing gown
  • Bathers or underwear you don’t mind getting wet if you choose a water birth.
  • Maternity Pads – and enough of them to get you through the first week at least.
  • Breast pads – not glamourous, but not only do they help avoid leaking nipples, they can also help to provide a cushioned barrier between your nipples and your bra/singlet if you are experiencing nipple pain/sensitivity.
  • SO many pairs of generously sized underwear – dark coloured if possible with plenty of room for the maternity pads in them. This is not the time for lacey lingerie or pretty panties.
  • Phone charger x 2 – one for you, and one for partner – you might be there a while!
  • Mild body wash – soap free for post-birth showering
  • Any of your normal medication.
  • Nipple Cream – we love Marcalan. Because Marcalan is hypo-allergenic lanolin, its not only great on your nipples, but it makes fantastic lip balm too.
  • All your normal toiletries – the hospital bathrooms generally have nothing in them.
  • Maternity singlets/tops that allow comfortable nursing. There will be a number of people poking and prodding you to help establish your supply, so have accessible clothing on is important.
  • A couple of good books. You never know, you may just get some down time between contractions, visitors, nursing sessions, naps!
  • Check with your hospital if they provide new born nappies. Most don’t though, so you are best taking a full pack in with you.
  • All the usual suspects, Onesies, singlets, socks, hats, a sleeping bag if you are choosing to use one, swaddling muslin wraps. When purchasing your first outfits for baby, consider buying a couple in very small sizes – often our bubs surprise us and come a little early, and quite frankly the Bonds 000 are ridiculously big for a 3kg bub!!!
  • A big old smile, and the patience of a saint.

If you want to find out what Mum of two Emily Tomini packed in her VANCHI hospital, find out here. 

VANCHI Indie Holdall Nappy Bag